Stop right there and take a moment to think. If you don’t just have general dirt, or old stains, but instead a fresh spill, you don’t want that spill to soak into the furniture stuffing, into the wood, or to set into the upholstery fabric.

Therefore, the first thing to do when any spill occurs is to blot the spill up with a white cloth as quickly as possible to lessen the spread of the stain, and to keep it from setting in a larger area.

If you don’t know what upholstery cleaner can be used on your upholstery the first step is to look at the tag. You haven’t removed the tag have you?

If you have removed it, read on for future reference so you can know why you actually want to save those tags, and I’ll explain what you should do when you don’t have a tag further down. Hensdry carpet cleaners are here to help you whenever you need it most. Offering 24 hour services for emergency calls like water damage of any sort, be sure to call the right person. That is, Hens Dry Carpet Cleaners in Los Angeles, California.