Aside from the new gadgets and new gifts you received from the last years Christmas party, you have something bigger and better stuff for this fresh and brand new year. I am not the best person to give a “wikihow” style tutorial but I am experienced enough to share some useful tips to be on top among the rest and have a blast this 2016. Here are the important stuff you might want to add to your bucket list:

-meditate: I am not training you to become a monk. Scientifically speaking, meditating even a few minutes a day can drastically affect how you handle stress and tolerate both physical and mental pain. Clearing you head and focusing on the goal makes all the difference in starting a path towards a productive year.

-Workout: No matter how old you are, working out is good for you. It’s an amazing way to stretch and stimulate those rarely used muscle groups. This means that to do more and be more, you have to diminish your time in the sofa. Be fit and response-able so you can do more chores, and fit enough to get your hands dirty on your chosen endeavor.

-Be nice: Common knowledge says that we cant please everybody. Which is true. But never let that be your basis in perceiving other people. If you encounter rude people on the street, let it go and don’t spend too much energy on that because there are still countless people who wants to spend quality time with you. Call your long time friend, give a hand to a needy neighbor, help somebody cross the street. It may not be much but in these random acts of kindness will make you a better person in the long run. People will always remember you as a kind,responsible and thoughtful.

Is that all? Of course not! the rest of the list is for you to fill up. I just wrote 3 of the most fundamental factors that will make your day productive and pro-active. Making yourself happy and contented first before tending to other people’s need is the wiser approach to anything.

Let me know on the comments bellow what your bucket list for the new year is. I will post the best comment. What are you waiting for? fill her up!