More than anything else, the circumstances varies. For situations where there is water damage caused by leaking pipes, flooding, severe weather, improperly sealed windows, a leaking roof, overflowing sinks, improper drainage, as well as many other sources, truck mount hot water extraction is definitely what’s called for. It’s what Hens Dry Carpet Cleaning Servies recommend 100% of the time forcustomers that find themselves in this unfortunate situation.
But for routine residential as well as commercial carpet cleaning we feel dry organic carpet cleaning is the only way to go. This is becauseThis system is eco-friendly, your carpet will be completely dry within minutes, and it does an AMAZING job of removing soils, spots and stains – even those left behind by the previous cleaner. We are good at restoring the beauty your carpet once had and we are good at what we do and it’s so amazing

Experience and Training

Just like any other process or tool, the outcome depends not on not only the method but on the training, experience and knowledge of the technician using the cleaning method. Your carpet is in experienced and professional hands when you call Hens Dry Carpet Cleaning. You’ll love it for sure!