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Quality Area Rug Cleaning in Los Angeles

Homeowners invest in area rugs because they do so much for the look and feel of interior spaces. The right area rug can bring out fresh colors and enhance the other pieces in your living room or bedroom ensemble.

When you fall in love with an area rug that enhances your home, it’s important to take good care of it. Consistent area rug cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your rug, and it can also help the colors of your rug remain bright and bold — just like they looked when your first unrolled the rug in your home.

Are you looking for quality area rug cleaning in Los Angeles? You’ll find it at Hen’s Dry Carpet Cleaning, where we know how to take care of your area rug  — and at an affordable price. We have the experience, knowledge and track record of delivering results that you want and need when shopping for rug cleaning services in the Los Angeles area.

What Makes Hen’s Your Best Bet?

When you search for area rug cleaning in Los Angeles, you’re going to find plenty of options to choose from. What makes Hen’s Dry Carpet Cleaning your best option? Several things, including:

The Best Prices

Some providers of rug cleaning in Los Angeles charge exorbitant prices for middling results. That is, you end up feeling like you get no value out of those rug cleaning services. Things are different at Hen’s, where you enjoy affordable pricing that leads to premium service and results.

Effective Stain Removal

Most people try to clean rugs on their own before seeking professional support. But DIY stain removal isn’t very effective on area rugs, and you also run the risk of ruining a rug’s color. At Hen’s, you get effective stain removal on even the toughest spots, and we also know how to protect your rug from any damage during the cleaning process.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Products

When we are engaged in area rug cleaning, we are well aware that we are caring for a prominent asset in your home. The last thing we want to do is introduce a harmful chemical. That’s why we always use safe and eco-friendly cleaning products on our area rug cleanings.

The Best Technicians

You want the absolute best for your area rug. At Hen’s Dry Carpet Cleaning, we make sure your rug gets the best treatment by hiring only the highest quality technicians. They bring to each job experience, knowledge and a deep commitment to getting the job done right.

10,000-Plus Delighted Customers

Through our many years of service, we’ve had the chance to delight more than 10,000 customers. These many pleased customers are a testament to the effectiveness of our area rug cleaning approach.

Discover Our Effective Rug Cleaning Process

What can you expect from Hen’s Dry Carpet Cleaning? We use a proven rug cleaning process that includes the following steps:

Guidance: We conduct an initial consultation where we listen to you and hear about your expectations. We’ll walk you through how our rug cleaning process can best meet your expectations and deliver the results you want.

Initial Clean: We start by removing any and all dry contaminants using vibration and compressed air. This removes particles that not even heavy-duty vacuuming can rid your rug of.

Mixing: We use only custom cleaning solutions that are mixed based on your rug’s color, age, material and other key factors.

Primary Cleaning: We choose to wash each rug individually rather than in bulk, which ensures that your rug gets the customized attention and cleaning that it deserves.

Rinse: We rinse each rug in soft water to ensure that all cleaning solution is removed and that your rug is looking as close to new as possible.

Effective Drying: Rather than hanging rugs, we dry them horizontally on cushioned air — which ensures they dry appropriately and in a way that leaves them looking brand new.

Final Treatments: If your rug requires an final protections or treatments, we add them at the very end as a final step.

Getting Your Rug Ready for Cleaning

You don’t have to do a thing to get your rug ready for cleaning. We use a proprietary process to deliver the best possible results, and we handle that process from start to finish. There’s nothing you need to do to prep your rug for our cleaning services.

Additional Services

Carpet Cleaning

We clean and maintain carpeting with our top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning products that keep the environment in mind. We’ve served thousands of customers and offer a friendly and dependable experience to every one of them.

Upholstery Cleaning

We’ll pull out pet stains and old spills from your upholstery using our proprietary Deep Cleaning Method. This will remove tough stains but leave your furniture dry by the end of the day. We’ll also clean your pillows and cushions for no extra charge!

Mattress Cleaning

Accidents happen everywhere—so why would your mattress be the exception? We can make sure your bed is free of deep-seated hair, skin, and other particles.

What Materials Do We Clean?

There’s really only one material we don’t provide rug cleaning services for — sheepskin. Sheepskin rugs require a completely different process than other rug materials, and so we choose to focus on how we effectively clean those more traditional rug materials.

Rug Cleaning Pricing

What Our Customers Say About Our Rug Cleaning Services

We believe in the results we’re able to offer our customers. But don’t just take our word for it: Hear what our customers have to say about rug cleaning services from Hen’s Dry Carpet Cleaning:

“Everything about working with Hen’s was easy. I scheduled and appointment, and they took care of everything from A to Z. I was stunned out how beautiful and new my old rug looked when they were finished. I would definitely recommend Hen’s, and I will definitely be using them again.”

Liz U.

“My older rug looks to faded and worn that I thought about getting rid of it entirely. Thank goodness I didn’t. Hen’s was able to deliver rug cleaning services that made my rug look like new. I never thought my rug could look like this again — but it does!”

Jonathan A.

“Rug cleaning services are typically a pain. That said, when I tried Hen’s, they did everything possible to make sure the process was simple and streamlined. And they also delivered results that I haven’t gotten from other service providers. Hen’s is the only area rug cleaning service I’ll use from now on.”

Sara L.

Commonly Asked Rug Cleaning Questions

Do you have questions about rug cleaning? Here’s a look at answers to some of the questions we most commonly hear from customers:
How often should rugs be cleaned?
Get your rugs cleaned at least once a year. Annual cleanings mean that your rugs stay looking as new as possible, and they also mean your rugs will require less intensive cleanings — which is good for their lifespans.
Do I really need a professional rug cleaner?
You can try to clean your rugs on your own. That said, you’re likely to find that a professional uses tools and processes that simply aren’t available to you. In short, you’re going to get much better and longer lasting results when you choose a professional for area rug cleaning.
How long does rug drying take?
The length of drying depends on your specific rug, but count on somewhere between 4 and 6 hours for most rugs.


Carpet Cleaning

We use truly organic, non-toxic compounds for maintaining fresh and beautiful wall-to-wall carpet.

Mattress Cleaning

We can make sure your bed is free of deep-seated hair, skin, and other particles.

Upholstery Cleaning

We’ll pull out pet stains and old spills from your upholstery using our proprietary Deep Cleaning Method.

Area & Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleanings use only green mixtures that are safe for use around even the littlest members of the family.

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