Be strict when it comes to your carpet and rug. Limit how much dirt gets into carpets in the first place. Declare a shoes-off rule, or place sturdy doormats at all entries.
Frequent vacuuming is the best and only way to keep grit from becoming embedded in the fabric, removing it can be a daunting task in the future. Having a vacuum that’s easy to use is crucial. Spend the bulk of cleaning time where dirt collects: a dozen passes of the vacuum within 4 feet of outside doors, eight passes in high-traffic areas, and four passes elsewhere. Where carpets have not been regularly and thoroughly cleaned, double the passes for three months.
The safest, easiest, and most effective deep-cleaning solution for area rugs is to have them rolled up and taken away for cleaning. With wall-to-wall carpeting, truck-mounted, steam cleaning, will give the best result. Keeping up with the Cleaning of rugs or carpets yourself with a rented extraction machine is OK as long as you don’t leave the carpet too wet and don’t use it too early.