You dont want to spend unnecesary fees to keep your mattress in tip top state. You can do it yourself. But before you dive into doing it manually, here are the proper steps and techniques to properly and safely clean and maintain your mattress.

1. Turn, flip, or rotate your mattress to prevent concentrated sagging in specific parts of your bed. Your mattress will last longer if you don’t overuse a specific portion of it, allowing it to stay proportioned and comfortable for a long time.
2. Keep it dry. Never let your mattress get wet. This can also create the perfect breeding ground for fungi, mold, that can easily cause several health issues to your household.
3. Do not jump on the mattress. Jumping on an innerspring mattress has always been one of the most memorable and fun games children enjoy inside the bedroom. The coils provide a nice bounce, creating an enjoyable physical activity for the little ones. Although it is fun for the kids, it can be harmful for your bed. The repeated pressure on the coils can definitely put a strain to it. It may lose its capability to rebound to its original shape after so many jumps, resulting to a less comfortable sleep the next time you lay yourself down on the mattress.
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4. Use a quality bed frame or box to support the mattress’ weight. When you go to bed after a long day, drifting off to sleep should be an easy and unhindered tasks to enjoy. However, if your bed frame creaks and threatens to break itself, the much coveted dozing off may become the last thing on your mind as the possibility of crashing down to the floor may not exactly be the most comforting thoughts to send you to sleep. This is why getting a quality bed frame or bed box is also highly necessary. A good frame or box will be able to provide ample support to you and your mattress, ensuring that you can sleep soundly at night and even prolong the health of your mattress.
5. Make sure to learn everything about your mattress. Some mattresses. like the pieces in Salem beds’ collections, make use of special materials that can be destroyed when cleaned with chemicals, thus shortening its lifespan significantly.
6. Do some vacuuming regularly regularly. By vacuuming your mattress every once in a while, you can be sure that you’re not inhaling every dust, droppings, and other dirt that is present in your bed while you sleep.

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