There should be an article in a room which is an instant eye catcher when the guests enter. It can be a warm light, a beautiful wall hanging, a beautiful view coming from one of the windows or a fireplace. These pieces assist in defining the room for New Year’s Eve. If there is no natural focal point in your living room, you can create your own for New Year get-together by hanging a LCD on a wall, by colouring a wall with bright colours and by placing a decorative mirror on the wall.

Get a beautiful Rug

Rugs are never out of fashion they bring out the life in room. But the proper placement of the rug is essential. Choosing the right colour and size plays an important role. If you have light coloured walls a dark coloured rug would be eye catching. It can also used as a divider by separating the dining room with the living room. Rugs adorned with floor cousions also give extra space for sitting when you have guests. Various types of rugs can be used according to the decoration like a wool rug, shag rug or vintage rug and many more.