Be it for the home your are living in, your workplace, the property you had just purchased or you may be a landlord who had rented out your property or tenant who needs a end-of-tenancy reinstatement, we are just the company you can trust with a wide range of sanitising cleaning and professional services to suit your needs.

We are always researching the latest equipments and tools to aid in enhancing the cleaning process and thus making it more effective and quick so that we do not waste your time. A typical professional cleaning service lasts half-a-day with our professional team of 3 to 12 staff depending on your requested work scope as well as the size and condition of your premises.

Equipments and products used are of top quality and gentle enough for all types of surfaces and safe enough if you have newborns or toddlers at home.

Each and every home is unique and special in it’s own way so we work with our clients to identify areas which they are more concerned to customise each session.