If you have kids, or anybody who is fond of chewing gum, you have probably seen gum end up in all sorts of places, including your carpet. Getting gum out of carpet can be a daunting task that becomes increasingly more difficult the longer you wait and the harder the gum becomes. But, below are some methods that show you how to get gum out of your carpet. When the gum stays in the carpet for a long time before removal, it can get stepped on and worked deep into the carpet. So as soon as you find gum in your carpet, get it out sooner rather than later! But before you just start pulling away at the gum, be careful. This can damage the fibers in your carpet and can end up causing more of a problem than you started with. So follow the steps below and you can likely get your carpet back to looking like new. There are many methods to remove gum. Different methods may work better in different situations, so below is an explanation of several different methods you can try to remove the gum from your carpet. If one method isn’t working very well, move on to the next method until you find one that works best for you.

If you have a hair dryer, you can just heat the gum out of your carpet.
A lot of times, a combination of heating and freezing will work best. Start with freezing and break away as much as possible. After doing that, heat the gum and blot it up with your cloth or paper bag. You can repeat these steps as necessary as long as you are continuing to get the gum out without breaking down the fibers of the carpet underneath.

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