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We have been serving and cleaning homes  since 1992. Keeping it toxin free should go hand in hand, after all what use is a clean home if it poses a health hazard to the people who live in it? This is why all of our cleaning methods are not only kind to the environment but are also kind to you.

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If you happen to search for the best carpet cleaners, you are in luck because we offer a wide range of cleaning & repair solutions in Los Angeles for your carpets, mattress, area rugs and your upholstery. Start searching for the keyword Best Carpet Cleaners near me and you’ll be happy to see Hens Dry Carpet Cleaners. The best Carpet Cleaners near you is of course, Hens Dry Carpet Cleaners. Our expert Carpet Cleaners are committed to providing top quality service in a timely manner, using the newest and most efficient equipment. This is how we are able to refresh your living rooms and restore each item to its original form.

Quality Work

We offer a wide range of cleaning & repair solutions for your carpets, Mattress, area rugs and your upholstery. Our expert technicians are committed to providing top quality service in a timely manner, using the newest and most efficient equipment. This is how we are able to refresh your living rooms and restore each item to its original form. In Located in Menifee, Los Angeles, Ca and the rest of the main cities in California.

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Guide to Cleaning your Precious Bedroom

Make your bed just before or after your morning shower. A flawless bed will rouse you to manage different wreckage heaps promptly. In spite of the fact that smoothing sheets and plumping cushions won’t not appear like a high need as you’re racing to work, the result comes by the day’s end, when you slip back under the unruffled spreads. Supplies to Keep in the Bedroom Promise Grab-it Dry Dusting Mitts or Swiffer fabrics: for tidying furniture, floors, gadgets, and knickknacks. Keep them in a night-table drawer so they’re prepared when you are. Timesaving Tips and Techniques Erase Dust After you log off your PC, wipe hard-to-achieve console build up with the yellow felt Unger Mini Duster. Utilize a generally useful wipe, for example, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, to clean and sanitize the console and all aspects of your screen with the exception of the screen. Keep in mind to unplug the console before cleaning. Expel fingerprints and smears from the screen with a dry or marginally clammy microfiber material. Try not to utilize any synthetic cleaners on the screen. Clean When you’re on the telephone with your relative and she is letting you know one of her unlimited stories for the umpteenth time, haul out a wipe and clean your mirrors. Prepared When You Are Keep Pledge gloves, Swiffer materials, or a microfiber fabric in a night-table drawer so you can rapidly clean your bedside tables, dresser, and headboard. Tidy Gently Utilize your blow-dryer to expel dust from lampshades and delicate...

House Cleaning Time!

Clean a Mirror You don’t need to purchase glass cleaners and paper towels to clean your mirrors. Simply some vinegar and an old daily paper is all you have to keep your mirrors sparkling as new. Your home will look cleaner if the mirrors are spotless. Wash Your Plate Cleaning plates is a tuff thing if its kept for quite a while un cleaned. I flush my plate after supper and have all my relatives do likewise and it makes washing plates so natural. It is a little and straightforward propensity yet raises a considerable measure of hell simpler. I don’t care for attempting to wash got nourishment dry of dishes, isn’t that right? Cleaning the Oven Does your broiler get utilized each day? Some time or another in case you’re not utilizing your stove, give it a snappy splash of broiler cleaner and keep it like that till the following day. Before you turn on your broiler the following day, give it a snappy wipe down. The prepared on stuff falls off much simpler than at any other time. Cleaning the Microwave Cleaning a microwave is simple. Top off some water and place it in there on high for a couple of minutes. The steam from the container will release any stuck-on sustenance, and afterward you can simply wipe it away. It’s that straightforward. Cleaning the Fridge A refrigerator looks huge and cleaning it looks much greater. Take after my strides and the work will be somewhat less demanding. To begin with hurl out any awful sustenance. At that point begin with wiping down the top retires and...

Carpet Repair in California

When rug repairs are required, the ground surface being referred to is either losing its soundness or resembles a blemish. As covering ages, it tends to partitioned from the subfloor, group up or start to tear. Kids, pets and bunches of parties can be particularly unpleasant, bringing about tangling and stains setting in forever. At the point when these issues raise their heads, it will take proficient dispose of them. With their substantial gear and intense cleaning arrangements, a confirmed professional is set up for almost any circumstance they may confront at work. The most widely recognized floor covering repairs a professional will perform are extending and fixing. Fixing is required when the floor covering has supported genuine staining, smolder harm or has torn from the subfloor. Amid fixing, the professional will remove the harmed piece and supplant it with a piece from another part of the house. This is generally taken from the storeroom, where nobody is prone to see the evacuated flooring. At the point when setting the patch, professionals have modern quality paste weapons and specific irons, making for a much more tightly seal than any over-the-counter item can offer. Extending is another regular administration an expert will offer. This is typically required when the covering was not introduced appropriately and groups up off the subfloor. Amid the extending process, the expert will utilize a unique gadget to apply a mind boggling measure of weight on the clustered up floor covering. This pushes it to the edges of the room, where the specialist will secure it, counteracting future...

Find the best Cleaners in California

At the point when a homeowner needs upkeep done on their ground surface, it is critical to locate the best cover cleaning administration accessible. Without involvement in the business, homeowners will need to take experts at their pledge while examining the adequacy of their treatment strategies. As a result of this, a homeowner ought to just depend on legitimate professionals, similar to those guaranteed through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification . On the off chance that a homeowner picks an option that is other than the most ideal rug cleaning administration, they might be left with floors in much more terrible condition. Indiscreet professionals commit a typical error by utilizing a lot of water, and this can leave the floors sodden and utilizing extreme cleaning items can make rug prepared to pull in more soil. Abundance water additionally encourages microbial development and can make the floors hazardous to be around, a specific risk to pets and youthful kids. Ineffectively prepared professionals may likewise desert soil, or disregard to do anything besides evacuate free soil, something that anybody with a vacuum can do. Hensdry Carpet Cleaners have exhibited their aptitudes to experienced educators and must take proceeding with training courses each year to stay on favorable terms with the association. This level of responsibility is something that just an engaged proficient is prepared to do and is the sort of expert that homeowners ought to search for when in...

We Value Our Business

We know cleaning, from beddings to furniture, rug to grout, we know floor cleaning all around. We have more than 5 years of industry experience working for you, and we take care of business. We clean green. Need your floor covering clean, without hurting the earth? Say the word and we will utilize green items to clean your rugs, furniture, and the sky is the limit from there. We trust sensitivities ought not keep you from having a perfect floor covering or furniture. We offer the utilization of hypo-allergenic cleaning items upon solicitation. Having your floors and covers cleaned can even enhance wellbeing identified with indoor hypersensitivities. We offer administrations particularly for pet stain and scent evacuation, the territories of pee defilement must be treated with chemical infusions that assault the pee at the atomic level to really eat the remaining pee. When this strategy is taken after great results can be accomplished. Our treatment contains compound creating microbes that process natural waste matter, crushing pee smells at their hotspot for perpetual scent evacuation. In addition, it withstands high temperatures and pH without losing its adequacy. We spend significant time in cleaning any floor covering material, region carpets, sleeping cushion or drape and we utilize specific gear and items for the best results. For overwhelming obligation cleaning we have proficient hardware. That implies we not going to make any harm of your home or business. The greater part of our experts are prepared and guaranteed and all around screened before we permit them to enter your home or business. Being that your Carpet, beddings, upholstery is a standout amongst...


While carpets are moderately simple to vacuum keeping in mind the end goal to uproot the surface earth, smells are another matter completely. This is on the grounds that the scent creating materials are frequently discovered where it counts in the rug directly down to the cushioning. Evacuating the scents successfully will depend in extensive part on the cause and the measure of smell that they are making. Be that as it may, expelling the smells from your floor covering for the most part does not require anything costly or colorful. All you truly need is a couple of basic family unit things which will evacuate the greater part of the smells. Here are a couple steps you ought to take keeping in mind the end goal to expel the scents from your covering. Open up the windows and turn on the fan over the covered range that is radiating the scents. On the off chance that the scent is light the wellspring of it might go away and clear out with a touch of airing out of the room. On the off chance that that doesn’t do the trap or the smell is originating from a more grounded source, then you’ll need to make the following stride. You might have run the vacuum before over this range, however you will need to attempt it at a more profound level to check whether what is creating the scent can be pulled up by your vacuum more clean. You’ll need to utilize a more grounded vacuum in the event that you can and truly go over the territory to check...

make your mattress look new!

You dont want to spend unnecesary fees to keep your mattress in tip top state. You can do it yourself. But before you dive into doing it manually, here are the proper steps and techniques to properly and safely clean and maintain your mattress. 1. Turn, flip, or rotate your mattress to prevent concentrated sagging in specific parts of your bed. Your mattress will last longer if you don’t overuse a specific portion of it, allowing it to stay proportioned and comfortable for a long time. 2. Keep it dry. Never let your mattress get wet. This can also create the perfect breeding ground for fungi, mold, that can easily cause several health issues to your household. 3. Do not jump on the mattress. Jumping on an innerspring mattress has always been one of the most memorable and fun games children enjoy inside the bedroom. The coils provide a nice bounce, creating an enjoyable physical activity for the little ones. Although it is fun for the kids, it can be harmful for your bed. The repeated pressure on the coils can definitely put a strain to it. It may lose its capability to rebound to its original shape after so many jumps, resulting to a less comfortable sleep the next time you lay yourself down on the mattress. salem beds mattress maintenancevia 4. Use a quality bed frame or box to support the mattress’ weight. When you go to bed after a long day, drifting off to sleep should be an easy and unhindered tasks to enjoy. However, if your bed frame creaks and threatens to break itself, the...

@ Hen’s Dry

Each home has dust and dander that actually enter in from the outside and settle in your carpets, upholstery, and even air ducts. This, in itself is not the issue. The issue emerges when your carpets, upholstery, and air ducts are so congested with this microscopic organisms that they can’t acknowledge any newcomers and along these lines the consistent stream of new microorganisms entering your house is compelled to stay nearby in your air or, best case scenario, locate an open spot in your carpet, and upholstery. Our cleaning procedure is to dependably go past simply the presence of cleanliness and to really be a part of the procedure of restoring your indoor breathing air back to a sound level. Our mechanical quality vacuums and cleaning arrangements work in collaboration with trained cleaning experts to restore your living space back to considerably more beneficial conditions by evacuating all hints of hazardous poisons and microbes that can bring about various conceivably genuine wellbeing conditions . Allergens and microscopic organisms settle in the most profound levels of carpet. Truth be told they are so far beneath a carpet’s surface that a customary vacuum is truly ignorant concerning their presence. Regardless of the measure of vacuuming you do, you will miss these allergens each time thus while our administrations are suitable for any home or office, we have found that sensitivity endures especially appreciate the advantages of a clean and filtered...

Wool Carpets : Be Cautious!

All things considered, that is your decision – I can’t let you know what to do, however I do trust sound judgment wins. At Hensdry, we are guaranteed Woolsafe Fiber Care Specialists and Woolsafe Service Providers. This guarantees you get an administration that is intended to CARE for your fleece carpets and not harm them. To end up Woolsafe endorsed requires concentrated preparing that requests a high examination pass rate to end up confirmed. Subjects like: assembling, coloring strategies, cleaning, chemicals, generation as well as a large group of different fleeces related subjects are immeasurably imperative in knowing how to administer to...


It is a typical conviction that utilizing a professional carpet cleaning company may not be good with infants and in addition pets in light of the unforgiving chemicals that are normally related. While beyond any doubt brutal chemical compounds have been utilized via carpet cleaning organizations as a part of the past, especially with regards to spot evacuation, today most professional organizations use sheltered, every single characteristic item when cleaning carpets. Infants and little pets are particularly helpless against the impacts of chemical compounds both in the short and long haul. Chemical buildup might bring about a response with the skin that can chafe babies that slither on the carpet. Nonetheless, it is the long haul presentation to chemical deposit noticeable all around that is regarded the most risky for the improvement of the tyke. After some time, this introduction might bring about more prominent occurrences of disease which can have hindering impacts over the long run. Notwithstanding, today’s professional carpet cleaning organizations offer green arrangements that utilization normal items which don’t have the same impact on infants and little pets. Truth be told, the aces have found that numerous normal items are generally as viable and bodes well for a few...
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