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Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Malibu

Tracking in sand and mud can be a common occurrence for our Malibu customers—which is why we specialize in getting these sorts of strains pulled from any of carpet. Our trained workers can work with even the most fragile of carpet and leave it looking new once again.

Our products are top-class and our truck mount provides more than enough power to make sure your Malibu home looks as good as it sounds.

Carpet Cleaning in Malibu

Hen’s Dry Carpet Cleaners work hard to make sure that any carpets in Malibu, commercial or residential, look their absolute best. We’ve worked hard to gain your business, and we hope to continue to work hard to prove to you that they’re no one better in Malibu for your carpets.

Why Call Hen’s Dry Carpet Cleaners?

We know that many people will offer similar services for residents of Malibu. However, none of the competition has the level of expertise and the prices that we do.

For over 20 years, we’ve worked tirelessly on our process to make it as streamlined and painless as possible for you. You can trust in our servicemen to make sure you get the quality service you deserve.

Competitive Prices
We’re not interested in price gouging or nickel-and-diming our customers. You can take comfort in knowing that the quotes you get from Hen’s Dry represent the very best service we can offer you—all at a cost that we think is second to none.
Cleaning Products That are Safe for Your Family & Pets
It’s completely understandable to be a little hesitant about the chemicals and smells that can come with a deep cleaning. Here at Hen’s Dry, we’ve made sure that our cleaning products are perfectly safe for your children and pets to be around.

Feel free to talk to our technicians about our cleaning products and gain the peace of mind that comes with working with Hen’s Dry.

We Genuinely Care For Your Carpets
Our Malibu carpet cleaners are Malibu carpet cleaning services aren’t interested in just your money. We genuinely care about your carpets—and making sure that each home and business we assist have their exceptions not only met, but surpassed.
More than 20 Years Serving the Malibu Community
We’re no strangers or outsiders to Malibu. Our staff live and love right here in the Los Angeles metro area. We’ve been serving our community for over 20 years, and hope to earn your trust for another 20 years to come.

Next time you’re looking for Malibu carpet cleaning services, we hope that you’ll consider Hen’s Dry and allow us to show you why we think we’re the best option for you.

Why Do Carpets Need to Be Cleaned Regularly?

We believe in carpeting and periodic spot cleaning for regular maintenance, but the long-term preservation of your investment is going to require something more robust. Our proprietary system provides the deep regular cleaning your carpets require for long-term success.

Additional Services

Upholstery Cleaning

We’ll pull out pet stains and old spills from your upholstery using our proprietary Deep Cleaning Method. This will remove tough stains but leave your furniture dry by the end of the day. We’ll also clean your pillows and cushions for no extra charge!

Area & Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleanings use only green mixtures that are safe for use around even the littlest members of the family. We’ll pull out stains and get your carpet’s color shining once again.

Mattress Cleaning

Accidents happen everywhere—so why would your mattress be the exception? We can make sure your bed is free of deep-seated hair, skin, and other particles.

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

Social Proof Testimonials

I was in a hurry to clean up some great stains from my carpet. I have Hen’s Dry a call on a Monday—and was surprised to see them at my place the very next day! Our technician made sure he didn’t track in any dirt and pulled stains out of my carpet I didn’t even realize were in there. He also told me exactly what I needed to do to preserve the work he’d done. I’d call that 5-star service!
Michael C.

When I called Hen’s Dry, I wasn’t sure anyone could pull the wine stains from my mattress. However, when Juan was sent to my house, he cleared up the problem in minutes! He was polite, quick, and once he left, I almost forgot the mattress was ever stained.
Carlos J.

I’ve got many properties I need deep cleaned, and any time I have a tenant move out, Hen’s Dry is the first company I call. They have never been anything less than reliable, determined, and transparent about what and why they are changing me. I’ve yet to find another carpet cleaning service beat out Hen’s Dry when it comes to reliability.

Anna R.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the course of our work, we hear several questions on a regular basis. Here’s a look at answers to those frequently asked questions:
What is the best carpet cleaning method?
When it comes to cleaning carpets, truck mounts are the way to go. They allow our technicians to get your home clean without posing a risk of damaging your floors with heavy and unwieldy quipment. We can also use a lesser amount of water compared to the deep level of clean.
Why hire a professional carpet cleaning service?
While we recommend vacuuming your carpet often, that doesn’t count as your required deep cleaning. We think you should get your carpets cleaned at least annually to make sure no stain remains for too long.
Should I vacuum before you arrive?
Vacuuming before arrival is totally up to you! If we feel the floors are ready for the deep cleaning when we arrive, we’ll go ahead and get started. If not, we’ll vacuum ourselves at no extra cost to you!
Should I vacuum after carpet cleaning?
We’ll get your carpets as dry as possible, but higher pile carpets are going to need some time before they’re completely dry. We recommend you give it a day or so to make sure you don’t damage your vacuum cleaner with water.
What do you consider a “room”?
That depends….how many rooms do you need to be cleaned? We can clean 3 rooms as long as they remain under 400 square feet, and if you have 5 rooms, we’ll bump that up to 700.
How long does it take you to clean a room?
From pre-treatment to cleaning and drying, cleaning a room will take about two hours for 3 rooms. We’ll make sure our process is as quick and as painless as possible.
How long will it take for my carpet to dry completely?
You can walk on your carpets as soon as a few hours after we head out, but it’ll be about 24 hours before the moisture has evaporated completely.


Carpet Cleaning

We use truly organic, non-toxic compounds for maintaining fresh and beautiful wall-to-wall carpet.

Mattress Cleaning

We can make sure your bed is free of deep-seated hair, skin, and other particles.

Upholstery Cleaning

We’ll pull out pet stains and old spills from your upholstery using our proprietary Deep Cleaning Method.

Area & Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleanings use only green mixtures that are safe for use around even the littlest members of the family.

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